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Meet Laura Cruddace, County Durham Resilience Administrator

Earlier this week for National Apprenticeship Week, we put the spotlight on County Durham Resilience Administrator Apprentice, Dan Kamp. Today we are putting the spotlight on County Durham Resilience Administrator, Laura Cruddace, long term employee of PCP, who started off in the organisation as an apprentice.

My name is Laura Cruddace, I work as the Administrator for the County Durham Resilience Service. I started my Business Administration Level 2 apprenticeship with the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) in late 2012 - 11 years ago! Before PCP I looked around for different jobs, volunteered in a hairdressers for a while but decided it wasn’t for me. I was undecided at the time about completing a college course, in what I don’t know - who does when you leave school? The wage and learning on the job jumped out at me which is when I knew this was the route I wanted to take.

I heard about the role at PCP on Indeed and the job title was Project Admin Apprentice. The role entailed working on various different projects and services within PCP. As soon as my first week was complete I felt so comfortable and knew that this was the place I wanted to work. Throughout my journey as an apprentice my skills as an administrator and my own personal skills grew. I was communicating with internal staff, external organisations, organising events, being involved with volunteers and so much more! This increased my confidence massively.

Currently I am working full time with the County Durham Resilience service as the service's administrator. The job role entails working alongside partner organisations, supporting internal staff and communicating daily with external services and members of the public. My regular duties are data input, contacting service users, attending meetings and events to promote the service and organisation. As well as sourcing venues and arranging meetings, recruiting volunteers, developing systems, linking in with our marketing department and so much more.

A day-to-day in my role is never the same, but one thing that is continuous is providing admin support to our team and clients to build resilience within communities. We are here to help people, bridging the gap between services, and helping to improve social wellbeing and mental health. Recently PCP recruited an Dan, Administrator Apprentice for our service who I am now supporting throughout his apprenticeship and passing on the knowledge I have gained over the years.

Working at the PCP is very rewarding, the help and support that the organisation offers to the community is phenomenal. It’s great to see what a difference we all make to people’s lives. Something I strive to achieve is to just continue to do what I am doing while supporting our new apprentice throughout his journey with PCP.

Since completing my apprenticeship I have gained my Business Administration Level 2 & 3 qualification alongside my IT Level 2 & 3. There is always training available at PCP whether this is mandatory inhouse training or external. The majority of the training I complete is around mental health awareness as this plays a big part in my role when speaking with members of the public that may be struggling. I have recently completed line management training as this is something I am working towards in my career.

PCP is a great place to start your career, everyone is so welcoming and helpful to help you progress within your role.

For a further look at staff who started as an apprentice who are now full time employees of PCP, you can read Danny Walker's blog from last year who is now a Marketing and Communication Officer. As well as Charlie Crinion's blog who has gone on to become a Marketing and Communication Assistant.

As always you can keep and eye on our vacancies page if you are interested in joining our team, we have lots of opportunities across the North East and in sectors inclusive of health and wellbeing.



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