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Community Garden

The thriving Community Garden at the Pioneering Care Centre is home to a vast number of different plants, herbs, spices, fruit and vegetables. It is a fully accessible green area for the community to visit.

Supported by a dedicated team of volunteers, the Community Garden is maintained throughout the year - whether there is rain or shine, our green-fingered volunteers are passionate about developing this flourishing space.

Having a purpose to helping people and communities. Making a tangible social impact and st
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Having a purpose to helping people and communities. Making a tangible social impact and st
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Meet new people, learn gardening skills and try something different when you volunteer in our Community Garden! You can discover the health benefits of gardening, whilst learning about and taking part in flower and wildlife gardening and growing vegetables.

Our Gardening Group meets every Monday from 10am to 11am at the Pioneering Care Centre. If you're interested in coming along to see what it's all about, contact

or call 01325 321234.

Support our Community Garden

Do you have any unwanted gardening supplies or materials such as timber? Our Community Garden team rely fully on fundraised support, so any donations of gardening gear is much appreciated!

If you think you have materials our team would benefit from using, please get in touch on


Garden Gym

In our Community Garden, we have a Garden Gym - an area featuring outdoor gym equipment to use at your leisure. It's a great way to get fit whilst surrounding yourself with nature! 

Our Garden Gym is free for all to enjoy - so why not pop along!

The benefits of worms!

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