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County Durham Resilience service

The County Durham Resilience service is a community support service for adults (18 years and over).


We aim to build resilience within communities in County Durham. This includes; where people feel lonely and isolated, and have experienced mental health difficulties, which includes those impacted by COVID.


We are here to help people, bridging the gap between services, and helping to improve social wellbeing and mental health.

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What is resilience?

Resilience is the ability to cope under pressure. A person who copes under pressure is resilient. The ability to cope well under pressure is based on a positive outlook, combined with strategies to manage pressure.

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Our promises to you

  • You will be appointed to a County Durham Resilience team member, who will be with you throughout your time with the service.

  • County Durham Resilience works alongside a team of Peer Support workers, and they may support you to help build your resilience, integrate you into your community and accompany you to appointments.

  • You can expect to be offered up to 12 appointments, about one appointment every one to two weeks, with your designated County Durham Resilience team member. These appointments can be booked at the start of your time with us, and we’ll try to keep them on the same day and time, where possible.

  • We will remain professional, friendly, and helpful throughout your time with the service. We will be flexible, where we can be, offering in person, telephone, and virtual appointments according to your preference.

  • We will develop a plan to improve your resilience and discuss how things are going throughout the process. You are welcome to reengage with the service in the future, should you feel you need further support.

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Contact us

To access our service for yourself or someone you are supporting simply get in touch via PCP reception on 01325 321234, call County Durham Administrator on 07568 429771 or email You can also click the link below to access the service online.

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Meet the Team

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