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Help find the missing men – PCP raises awareness of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer referrals fell by 52,000 due to COVID-19, with reportedly thousands of men missing out on potentially life saving conversations with their GPs.

To make a difference, the PCP Cancer Awareness Team is hosting awareness raising sessions, to give people in County Durham information on prostate cancer that could change a life.

Andrea Mackrell, Cancer Awareness Worker, said: “Throughout the year we raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer, to give people the knowledge they need to be aware of.

“Our sessions have been well received so far, with spaces left throughout March to both individuals and organisations in County Durham.

“Throughout the year we focus on different types of cancer in the body to support people to spot cancer before it’s too late.”

Led by Andrea Mackrell and Elliott Snowball, online awareness workshops are held on Tuesdays or Wednesdays – with sessions at 10am or 3pm. If you aren’t sure of the symptoms, signs or risks surrounding prostate cancer, don’t miss your chance to join for free!

When the Cancer Awareness Team aren’t delivering online workshops, they’re out and about in the community revealing cancer statistics and facts to further spread the word.

To find out more information about prostate cancer symptoms, or to book a free awareness workshop, please contact

Find out more about the PCP Cancer Awareness Team on their Facebook page.

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