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What's next for the Cancer Awareness Team?

Like most projects and services within Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP), the Cancer Awareness Team spent a lot of 2021 overcoming COVID-19 hurdles to continue to deliver their vital service to the community.

The teams great success saw Andrea Mackrell and Elliott Snowball spreading awareness across County Durham through virtual classes, pub crawls, supermarket sweeps and lots more! The team have presented their December highlights, and their plans for 2022.

As we make plans to conquer the New Year, PCP Cancer Awareness Team have lots of plans in place to bring you vital information through online sessions and local campaigning - starting with the upcoming #CervicalCancerPreventionWeek.

The Cancer Awareness Team have set up a week of virtual sessions to inform you of early signs, symptoms and the importance of regular #smeartests. Book your place today - email

Case Study

The goal of the PCP Cancer Awareness Team is: "to improve early diagnosis of cancer by raising public awareness of signs and/ or symptoms of cancer, and to encourage people to see their GP without delay." focusing on the deprived areas in County Durham.

Following a breast awareness sessions in Morrisons, Dalton Park, the team had a call from the community champion, who had a member of staff in distress. A 31 year old female member of staff found a lump on her breast during her monthly check, on payday, but after trying for days was unable to get access to see a GP.

The PCP Cancer Awareness Team told the lady to ring the surgery back immediately and tell the receptionist that she had found a lump and needed to be seen. She was previously tried many times to make a regular GP appointment, but was told there wasn’t any, causing a lot of distress.

This more direct action, advised by the team, got her seen and examined the same day. A GP had acknowledged a few lumps present, prescribed anti- biotics and a referral for the following month to the breast clinic.

To keep up to date with PCP's Cancer Awareness Team, connect with them on social media.



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