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What's new for Wellbeing for Life

Behind the scenes of Wellbeing for Life (WBFL), the teams have been rapidly growing as facilitators head back into the community to create a happier and healthier County Durham.

On Wednesday 23 March, WBFL held a full staff meeting at Bowburn Community Centre. The aims were to discuss successes throughout the 14 years of service, plan for 2022 and a general get together after two years of remote working.

Hubs have grown in numbers, and some have changed roles to join new services supported by WBFL, such as Macmillan Joining the Dots, Social Prescribing Link Workers and the newest service, Wellbeing for the Time Being.

The day was a cause for celebration, as staff learnt the service has supported over 600,000 people living in County Durham since 2008! Staff members from all areas came up with ideas to improve communication to the public, and set sights towards new goals.

Delivered in partnership by the Pioneering Care Partnership, they kindly donated a chocolate Easter egg to each WBFL staff member, and a gift of hand-knitted ducks were donated by mother-in-law of Wellbeing Facilitator, Shaun Gooch.

After a day filled with great fun and laughter, the Wellbeing for Life team look forward to meeting new clients!

For more information about Wellbeing for Life, please visit their website.

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