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A look back at 'Veganuary' success with Wellbeing for Life

Did you know, by going meat free or vegan just one day a week, you'd be giving your body more nutrients and fibre, whilst doing your bit to save the planet?

Veganuary 2022 has been a huge success for many who have given it a go, and we can't wait to hear the benefits people have seen! This month has allowed Wellbeing for Life practitioners to try delicious vegan recipes, which were uploaded to their YouTube channel in January.

Tammy, who has been vegan for over two years, took classic meals and turned them vegan, starting with spaghetti bolognese and a mushroom stew! There is also a 'Bean Burger' recipe coming next week, all recipes you can try at any time by visiting the WBFL YouTube channel!

Tammy Parke is a Wellbeing for Life Practitioner based in the North Durham Hub. She has said: "Cooking plant based has been fantastic, the recipes are easy to follow and most include the same spices so no need to buy too many. An added bonus is not having to worry about cross contamination. I’m quite surprised by how good everything tastes, how packed full of flavour it is, how filling they are and not to mention is it so much cheaper than buying meat, dairy and eggs."

If you're interested in trying a vegan diet, even if you only do it once a week, we've collected some delicious recipes for you to try at home! Please see below.

To find out more amazing recipes, connect with Wellbeing for Life on Facebook and Twitter.

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