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Trustees dedicate over 2,000 hours of voluntary support to charity

A health and wellbeing charity would like to thank their Board of Trustees for their continued support this #TrusteesWeek.

Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP), has eight trustees who offer a wealth of experience and knowledge across the charities values, including health, education, equality and community.

PCP are thankful to have seen their trustees invest their time in PCP’s projects and services across the North East, and at their head office site the Pioneering Care Centre (PCC) in Newton Aycliffe.

Carol Gaskarth, Chief Executive at PCP, said: “We cannot thank our Board of Trustees enough for offering their time to PCP over the past year.

“Well over 2,000 hours of their own time has been given towards projects that shape local communities, including PCC’s Community Garden space.

“Without their presence and ongoing support, the Community Garden space would may not be a thriving nature space as it is today.”

The Community Garden space at PCC is open to the public to enjoy a relaxing and calming outdoor area.

The Board of Trustees features Chair Barry Knevitt, Vice Chair Vijaya Kotur, Treasurer Heather Brewster, Carol Briggs, Lynn Mohan, Bee Davidson, David Cockburn and Dame Dela Smith.

Together, the Board of Trustees guide and influence PCP to achieve their a community focused approach as a charity.

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