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Together 21 receive support from Sporting Bears

A transformative PCP project is proud to announce fundraising support from the amazing Sporting Bears.

The Lancaster Insurance Motor Show took place last weekend and Together 21 can't thank the North East Bears and all at the Sporting Bears for their commitment to supporting the project deliver a wide range of fun learning activities to help children and young people, aged 0 – 17 with Down syndrome develop key skills.

Activities provided by Together 21 give children and families an opportunity to build friendships within peer groups, as well as support their development in reaching their full potential. It also offers parents a chance to get to know each other, providing a vital friendship and peer support network for families in the local area.

The Sporting Bears are a national group of dedicated classic and sport car enthusiasts, whose primary aim is to raise funds to help both disabled and disadvantaged children.

Their work includes fundraising at regional and national events, and running regional dream rides, which allow children all over the country to enjoy the thrill of riding in some truly inspirational cars.

Together 21's team of staff, volunteers, families, friends and more thank the group for their support and hope they had a weekend of success!

Connect with Together 21 on Facebook to keep up to date with all their fantastic work and to see how much was kindly donated to them from the Sporting Bears.

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