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Stamp It Out's website is now live!

An online 'Hub of Positivity' is now available from Stamp It Out (SIO).

SIO aim to reduce stigma and discrimination towards mental health needs in County Durham and beyond. They raise awareness of how we can work together to shape a more positive future where we support one another.

Their new website is set to showcase new and upcoming discussions surrounding mental health, stigma and discrimination. They are set to launch exciting content in the future to campaign for a better perception on mental health.

You can get involved and support their ongoing campaign by visiting their website, sharing their content and joining their mission to 'Stamp Out the Stigma' towards mental health.

Find their website here. Connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.

The Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) are proud to support and work in partnership with Stamp It Out to promote their mission to raise awareness towards mental health needs in County Durham.

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