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Roman awards grant to Options

A North East charity kindly thanks Roman Ltd, the UK’s largest shower manufacturing plant, for its kind donation of £3,590 to support its longest running service.

Options, delivered by Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP), is a project supporting adults with learning and physical disabilities. The group has been running for 20 years to promote independence and choice to all of its members.

On Wednesday 27 October, staff members from Roman and County Durham Community Foundation (CDCF) had a tour at the Pioneering Care Centre in Newton Aycliffe, where Options is delivered. PCP staff and Options members showcased how the generous grant will support them to access a range of interactive activities, contribute towards trips, educational visits and provide general support and assistance with independent living skills, whilst aiding health and wellbeing development.

Roman visitors David Osbourne, John Wright and Monica Beadle were joined with CDCF staff, Alison Goulding and Sophie O’Connor, and together they enjoyed watching Options members preparing for the PCP Christmas Fair, decorating items to sell on the Saturday, 20th November.

Carol Gaskarth, Chief Executive at PCP, said: I'd like to thank Roman and County Durham Community Foundation for the generous grant donated to Options. After a difficult stretch, I am looking forward to seeing members enjoy Options to it's full extent.

The group has missed out on many regular trips due to COVID-19 restrictions. We are thrilled to see members and staff thriving as we head into the new year, filled with lots of opportunities thanks to the incredibly kind donation."

Throughout Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions, Options have not been able to conduct their daily group sessions as normal. Many members have to use Zoom to virtually attend, but members are happy to be slowly getting back to normal, and look forward to using the grant money to fund exciting educational group activities in the new year.

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