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Returning to the Pioneering Care Centre (PCC)

The doors for the Pioneering Care Centre have been closed for many months, following the Covid-19 pandemic and Government guidance to stay at home.

We are pleased to see our volunteers return to the Pioneering Care Centre to work safely outdoors in our garden space. Our dedicated team of volunteers are already underway with preparations for the garden for the warmer months.

Further plans for a return to PCC for staff is underway, with the team from Options already back at the Centre. Ahead of a return, there is lots of hard work taking place behind the scenes, including the wonderful garden preparations from our volunteers and more.

In preparation for a return and a brighter future at PCC, Nat’s daughter, Charlie, has transformed the staff room at the Centre with beautiful painted designs. The designs signify the PCC as being a hub at the heart of the local community.

The Garden Kitchen is set to reopen with a ‘Grab & Go’ service initially, where you can discover tempting sweet treats and drinks for on-the-go.

For further updates on when the PCC opens, follow our Facebook page at or visit our Twitter or Instagram at @PioneeringCare

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