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PCP supports #AlcoholAwarenessWeek

This week is #AlcoholAwarenessWeek and it's important we learn the risks of alcohol before we head into the festive season, that can often lead to alcohol indulgence.

Projects and services across Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP), have been sharing important messages across the North East, including mocktail recipes, alcohol unit consumption and calories within alcohol.

A volunteer at Healthwatch Sunderland bravely shared her struggles with alcohol, explaining how a hidden problem almost cost her life. Watch the full video below:

BBO ROAD have been sharing lots of #AlcoholAwareness information on social media. Health Trainer & qualified PT, Luke Liddell, created a range of infographics to raise awareness of the calories in alcohol. Did you know six pints of beer = five Mars Bars?

PCP's Cancer Awareness Team have hit the ground running spreading the messages across pubs in County Durham. During their 'pub crawl' earlier this month the team spoke to plenty of people about Novembers Cancer Awareness campaigns: #TesticularCancer, #ProstateCancer and #AlcoholAwareness.

If you're concerned about your alcohol habits, please contact 03000 266666 or visit this website.



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