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PCP's 'Not so #BlueMonday'

The third Monday of January is known as 'Blue Monday', often referred to as the saddest day of the year. People are usually tired of cold, dark nights, waiting for 'pay day' and forgetting our New Year's resolutions.

To beat the Monday Blues, Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP), set up 'Not so Blue Monday' for staff to take part in during the working day. Staff were invited to take part in a virtual wellbeing walk, completing a fresh winter morning walking around their local area for an hour to escape the normal working setting.

Later in the afternoon, Rae Dixon, a new member of PCP working as a County Durham COVID Resilience Coordinator, hosted a relaxing arts session encouraging members to draw meaningful things in their life and reflect on the importance of self care, family and friends.

Carol Gaskarth, Chief Executive of PCP, said: "Whether Blue Monday is real or a myth, mental health affects us all. Let’s use Blue Monday as a reminder to focus on our wellbeing & to support people around us. Let’s make #BlueMonday positive - connect, reach out to others & always be kind #BeKind."

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