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PCP awarded Community Champions at the 2024 Aycliffe Business Park awards

PCP were recently awarded the Community Champions award at the 2024 Aycliffe Business Park awards, in a fantastic evening showcasing all the incredible businesses within Newton Aycliffe.


Aycliffe Business Park were looking for organisations that care about the local community whilst taking focused action through both the company and staff.

 The organisation provided vital information to Aycliffe Business Park, highlighting: 

  • The organisation’s work within the local community

  • The organisation’s charitable work

  • How the organisation involves its staff in its community work

  • How the organisation has helped those struggling with the cost of living crisis through its community work.


This isn't just an award for the organisation, but an award for all staff within PCP. Without the hard work and dedication of each member of staff at PCP this award wouldn't be possible, a huge thank you to all staff for making this possible.



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