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PCP achieves ‘Maintaining Excellence’ award by prioritising workplace health

The Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) is proud to celebrate its success in prioritising the health and wellbeing of its staff. PCP has been recognised for ‘Maintaining Excellence’ award by the Better Health at Work Award (BHAWA) County Durham, showing that the charity's commitment to ‘Health, Wellbeing and Learning for All’ doesn’t stop at the people it supports.

The Better Health at Work Award supports organisations to improve workplace health. By signing up to the award, organisations are supported by a dedicated workplace health team, helping them to improve staff health and wellbeing through a range of activities and policy changes.

Carol Gaskarth, PCP’s Chief Executive, said "PCP is proud of the health and wellbeing strategies we've developed to support our growing workforce. From paid carers leave to wellbeing time, groups, and activities, we take an inclusive and pro-active approach whilst engaging staff in decision-making. For us it's more than having a healthy workforce, it stretches into families and communities.

PCP staff and colleagues.

“Through focusing on small changes, we can increase healthy behaviours and improve overall wellbeing and resilience. Achieving the Better Health at Work Award 'Maintaining Excellence' status underlines our unwavering commitment to excellent employee wellbeing and being an employer of choice."

PCP aims to improve lives by creating opportunities to improve the health, wellbeing, and life chances of disadvantaged communities across the North East. On top of its achievement from the Better Health at Work Award, PCP holds gold from Investors in People – making it a great place to work.

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