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National Garden Grant a ‘growing’ success for PCP

An award scheme that has donated over £63 million to nursing and health charities, has shined a light on a local Community Garden.

North East charity, the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP), is delighted to ‘root’ support from the National Garden Scheme, that is passionate about celebrating the physical and mental health benefits of gardens.

PCP’s projects, Options for adults with learning and physical disabilities, and Together 21, for children with Down syndrome, actively use PCP’s Community Garden in Newton Aycliffe to enrich lives through educational activities.

Great Aycliffe Town Mayor, Sandra Haigh, visited to mark the occasion

Carol Gaskarth, Chief Executive of PCP, said: “Our Community Garden is a thriving space used by many community groups, including our own transformative projects.

“We’d like to thank the National Garden Scheme for its kind donation of £1,310, that will not only contribute to supporting the development of our Community Garden, but honouring it as a natural resource for the community.”

PCP’s Community Garden is supported by a team of dedicated volunteers, and the recognition is a testament to the fantastic work they do in maintaining the space.

Home to plants and blooms used for sensory education, the Community Garden is also a beacon for health and wellbeing as it features an outdoor Garden Gym.

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