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My vaccine story: brought to you by the Stockton on Tees COVID-19 Community Champions

Spreading Public Health England's key messages whilst 'myth busting' potentially harmful and false information related to COVID-19, the COVID=19 Community Champion network in Stockton on Tees are here for you.

Established to empower and support residents in the area stay up to date with the latest advice on COVID-19 and the pandemic, the team have been gathering real stories from people sharing their vaccination journey.

If you’re unsure about getting the vaccine, talk to someone, read up on the facts from reliable sources and protect yourself and others.

Sophie’s vaccine story…

“I got my vaccine because I wanted to protect myself and others against Covid and start living a normal life again. I trust fully qualified scientists and factual information.

"I had some anxiety initially because of the negative media around blood clots etc, but after reading up on the relevant information I decided the risk was very small in comparison to getting Covid. I got the AstraZeneca vaccine in April, and the Pfizer vaccine in August. I had a lot less side effects from the Pfizer vaccine, just an achy arm. "I feel more confident going out now. My husband had Covid not so long ago, and I’m sure the only reason I didn’t get it from him, and the fact he had no symptoms at all was because we were both double jabbed. It could have been very different had we not been.”

Read Greg’s vaccine story…

“I chose to take the Covid-19 vaccine to protect myself, my family and everybody else I come into contact with. I took the vaccine to stop myself becoming really ill. Also, just to help the world get back to normal.

Most importantly, I work in TV and over this summer I worked on Love Island in Majorca which still had lots of Covid restrictions therefore keeping myself and others safe was essential for production to be safe and stay on air.

This winter, I’ll be working on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and I realised how important getting fully vaccinated is to keeping myself, colleagues and the celebs safe during flu season.

Aside from work, I enjoy going to bars and clubs on a weekend and I wanted to get vaccinated to start going to busy places again so that I don’t get ill. These are the places I think you’re most likely to catch it.”

Read Jack’s vaccine story…

“Hi my name is Jack and I’m 20 years old.

When the vaccines were first mentioned last year, I’ll be honest I wasn’t wanting to have it and that was my decision at the time, I have a phobia with needles too so even having a flu jab wasn’t the easiest thing to have. So, my mind was made up!

My parents both got their first one before they were officially called for health and work reasons and both had different vaccines, neither had bad side effects just the normal ones of achy arm and a bit tired. After thinking and talking to my parents about it, I decided that I would have it when the time came.

My reason for changing my mind was, being able to get out with my mates again like going to play football and going on nights out with them. I also work in a supermarket so again mixing with everyone was a risk too.

When I was lucky to get the vaccine early, I did panic a bit knowing I was having a needle, so I took my AirPods and put them in to listen to music, I also mentioned to the nurse my phobia and he was great and before I had chance to worry it was over and done within seconds.

Yes, I was against the vaccine at first, but now I’m glad I got Pfizer vaccine as now at least it means I’m protected, and able to continue to enjoy my life.”

To find out more about the Stockton on Tees Covid Community Champions, find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @StocktonCovidChampions



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