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Meet Charlie from Wellbeing for Life’s team!

Introducing Charlie, Wellbeing for Life’s Creative Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice!

Hi everyone I’m Charlie, I’m the new apprentice working at Wellbeing for Life at the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP). So far, I’m very much enjoying my experience at both of these places and look forward to working here more!

The first big project I worked on was designing and posting on social media the Wellbeing for Life meet the team series! This was actually very useful for me, as it helped me familiarise myself with everyone, what their job title is and interesting information about them.

Wellbeing for Life has a lot of employees, so this surprisingly took quite a while to make! This series saw me create 60 smaller meet the team images for the website and ten bigger ones with interesting facts about staff.

From this, I then went on to make animated characters for the meet the team series. This will also be useful in future projects, as we often use these characters for social media. For example, I recently made a video featuring Chris promoting a training session that helps line managers.

In my first three weeks at working at WBFL, I have also attended several events, for example, Durham Pride. I went there to take some photos of Kev at our stalls when we were promoting.

I also made some posts for Volunteer’s Week, which showed people who are full time employees who were volunteers and their story. Here I conducted interviews with the staff members and made the designs from scratch.

Check out Charlie’s work for Wellbeing for Life – and meet the team!

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