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Meet Vicky Browning, Pioneering Care Partnership Operations Manager

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Each month we will bring you behind the scenes to put the well deserved spotlight on our staff that help us make a difference to communities throughout the North East. Meet Vicky Browning, Pioneering Care Partnership Operations Manager!

Can you give an overview of your role?

I have been with PCP as Operations Manager for 18 months. I have oversight for the HR, marketing, H&S and IT services that are provided across PCP. I am also involved in providing guidance on compliance related matters such GDPR, developing policies and procedures that ensure PCP meets its statutory obligations.

I mostly work internal but do undertake aspects of work that mean I engage with external professional advisors. After a delay during COVID I am currently working with Joe Berry to progress the centre development for the new hydrotherapy pool and OurOptions' extension at the Pioneering Care Centre (PCC). This involves us managing the different RIBA stages with architects, council planning and design engineers. We are expecting the planning decision next week, which is a big milestone. I also work with tenants of the centre regarding their legal leases for the building. I am currently dealing with their renewals, which involves working with our solicitor to ensure they meet PCP needs and surveyors in relation to market rent values and EPC certificates.

Describe a day-to-day in your role

Whilst I can work from home if I need to, I mostly attend the PCC in Newton Aycliffe. This means I can catch up with the different people I line manage, which I find important. It allows us an opportunity to progress work and bounce ideas off each other, also to find out what we have been up to at the weekend!

I can be speaking to the architects about everything from pool hoists, budget, elevations, forms of contract to next minute working with Dan so we can develop the PCP ICT infrastructure by implementing firewalls, azure device management and ideas about future working. I would meet with Jenny if it's day she is at the PCC. As Jenny manages the marketing service and employees, we will talk about what her plans are with projects and if there is any additional support she needs from me as her line manager.

I may also be liaising with Keeley and Debbie on any HR matters that they need support with and tackling any HR advice that a Manager needs to discuss. Sarah Johnson has recently joined our team in an operations support role. We are working on ensuring that the necessary H&S checks are completed at the external offices and reviewing the PCP business continuity plan. It is varied!

What do you like about working for the PCP?

I love the varied role, no day is the same. I also get to speak with people across the organisation and it’s interesting to find out more about what the projects are delivering. I also like to be based at the PCC, it has a great café run by Gail, Donna and Lynne – fab' food. With groups running, members of the local community are popping in and out, so it is nice to catch up with them and hear how they are getting on.

What is the most rewarding aspect of the role?

The most rewarding part of the role is knowing that the operational services we provide to PCP are genuinely appreciated. Marketing, HR and IT have received great feedback and it nice to know that projects are appreciative of what is done. By providing a good service, we know that the projects can get on with their job more easily by delivering the services to community. I also line manage teams that are genuinely a pleasure to work with.

If you are interested in joining our team, we have lots of opportunities across the North East and in sectors inclusive of health and wellbeing.

For more about what the PCP offers, visit, email or call 01325 321234.



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