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Meet the Cancer Awareness Team

Introducing our Cancer Awareness Team, Andrea and a welcome back to Elliott. They are both busy preparing to raise awareness of the upcoming #CervicalScreeningWeek taking place on Monday 14 – 20 June 2021.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns and local restrictions has impacted local services and resulted in a huge decline in women attending their cervical screening, many appointments were missed and some cancelled.

Promoting the Cancer Awareness Team’s message and the health benefits of attending your cervical screening appointment, we were pleased to see our very own Chief Executive, Carol Gaskarth, join in with spreading the word.

Carol took to Twitter to share her post-cervical screening appointment selfie, that will no doubt remind many of us to check if we are due to attend our own cervical screening.

This year, the Pioneering Care Partnership and the Cancer Awareness Team are set to raise awareness via social media and awareness workshops of the importance of women attending a cervical screening appointment when invited to do so.

Messages include:

  • Cervical screening saves lives

  • 99.8% of cervical cancer cases are preventable

  • 1 in 3 people miss their smear test

  • Your GP surgery has measures in place to keep you safe

The Cancer Awareness Team work throughout County Durham and closely with the Department of Health and Northern Cancer Alliance to encourage people to take up their offer of breast, cervical and bowel screening and discuss prevention and the importance of early detection through signs/symptoms.

If you have been invited for cervical screening or missed your appointment, please get in touch with your GP surgery today.

You can also contact the Cancer Awareness Team for a free Cervical Screening Workshop on

For further information on the benefits of a cervical screening visit

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