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Meet PCP's new Creative Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice

The Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) is pleased to announce and welcome a new Creative Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice to join our existing marketing team.

Meet Danny Walker!

"Hi everyone, I’m Danny! I’m 21 and I am the new Creative Media and Digital Marketing Apprentice here at the Pioneering Care Partnership. I will be working with the PCP’s marketing team to offer support for PCP, projects and services, including the County Durham Covid-19 Resilience Service.

I previously worked at R.O.F 59. I had a fantastic time there, but after three years, I decided to move on and try get into the Digital Marketing sector, as I have a passion for creative media, and studied this alongside English Language and Film Studies at college (everything blended in nicely).

Creative writing is something I take an interest in, this came from college with Film Studies and English, as creativity in writing was always a priority, and throughout the years I was always interested in taking up a role where I could utilise these skills. This is where I came across the opportunity to apply for this role here at the PCP. Thankfully I was the successful candidate!

I am also a massive football fan, having supported Middlesbrough since I can remember, so if anyone ever wants a football chat, don’t be afraid to bring it up.

Everyone has been so welcoming, and I am excited to work with everyone here, and I feel like I have fitted in straight away. Being able to express myself through digital content in my work is something I am going to take pride in as I have real responsibility now to deliver for a fantastic organisation.

Leading on from that, I am from the area, and know that the Pioneering Care Centre has always been a real local hot spot for community based activities, and I am proud to be able to work here.

Keep up to date with PCP on social media, find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram @PioneeringCare



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