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Meet Bill Oxbrough, Volunteer Officer, Wellbeing for Life

Each month we will bring you behind the scenes to put the well deserved spotlight on our staff that help us make a difference to communities throughout the North East. This month meet Bill Oxbrough, Volunteer Officer for Wellbeing for Life.

Delivered in partnership by the County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust (CDDFT) and the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP), Wellbeing for Life (WBFL) promotes people to become the best version of themselves, with health and wellbeing activities. They work with clients on a 1:1 or group support basis over eight to twelve sessions to set a health plan, which will include small achievable goals.

Hi I'm Bill, I am the Volunteer Officer with Wellbeing for Life and I started the role in September 2020, during lockdown. Previously I worked in the voluntary sector for 15 years for Groundwork, an environmental charity. I then spent a year in the middle of that working for the MP in Bishop Auckland. Before that I had 24 years with Royal Mail going from Postman to manager!

My previous jobs working within communities and volunteers, has been a massive help in the current role. It has given me an understanding of the volunteer journey and the needs of local communities. I work with colleagues in PCP and Wellbeing for Life to create relationships with our Wellbeing Hubs and individual volunteers with the aim of embedding the five ways to wellbeing our local communities (Connecting, Being Active, Keep Learning, Taking Notice and Giving).

My job is to recruit volunteers, train them and get involved in the Wellbeing for Life team's delivery. Typically I will be dealing with requests from members of the public who want to volunteer. I may be meeting someone to outline the roles available and see if we are a good fit for them or signposting them to other opportunities. I may be running training courses such as Making Every Contact Count for volunteers and for our Community Wellbeing Hubs. Or I could be hosting a volunteer event promoting the service and volunteering.

I love being able to give people opportunities to grow their skills and confidence. Volunteers come for many reasons and from many backgrounds. Whether it is someone trying to connect with others. Someone trying to improve their employment prospects. Those who have finished their employment journey and are wanting to give back to the community, there is something for everyone.

I undertook Level 2 training, Community Health Champion - this is what we offer to volunteers (its not compulsory) and I wanted to experience it to find out how it can help with the volunteering roles.

I can genuinely say that PCP has been the best place to work in my career. There is a real sense of team and so many people willing to help you. In Wellbeing for Life what I like is that to some extent you can make the role whatever you want it to be - you get told where you need to go but how you get there is very much down to you.

If you are interested in joining our team, we have lots of opportunities across the North East and in sectors inclusive of health and wellbeing.

If volunteering for Wellbeing for Life sounds like something you would like to do, you can visit their volunteers page here. Alternatively you can contact Bill, via email - to have a chat.

For more about what the PCP offers, visit, email or call 01325 321234.



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