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Making a difference in County Durham - meet PCP's Cancer Awareness Team

Updated: May 3, 2023

Cancer Research UK report that 38% of cancer cases are preventable.

To help communities discover the signs, symptoms and early prevention of cancer, a dedicated duo is making a difference by spreading awareness in County Durham.

The Cancer Awareness Team from North East health and wellbeing charity, the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP), offer people the knowledge to spot cancer in its early stages and save lives.

Andrea Mackrell and Elliott Snowball deliver free and engaging workshops to anyone who lives or works in County Durham, with the team also supporting people to access GP appointments and screening services if they need to.

Andrea, Cancer Awareness Worker at PCP, said: “Some of the people we speak to often don’t realise that something they’ve been experiencing may be a sign or symptom of cancer, and that they should get it checked out.

“We've delivered over 600 workshops to communities for free in 2021-2022, and recently distributed over 500 leaflets with cancer prevention information in Sedgefield, Spennymoor and Peterlee. From this leaflet distribution alone, we have managed to target over 50+ males, and refer three people to see a GP.

Andrea Mackrell, Cancer Awareness Worker at the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP)

“Although signs and symptoms are usually not cancer, by encouraging people to get checked out, we can potentially save lives and catch cancer early, which in turn makes it easier to treat.”

Whether you work for a community group or organisation in County Durham, you can invite the Cancer Awareness Team along to host a workshop. Workshops are themed on the prevention of the most commonly diagnosed cancers - colorectal, lung, prostate and breast cancer.

Join organisations such as Caterpillar, The Banks Group, Durham County Council, Durham Dales Health Federation, Willington Medical Group, Hitachi, Durham Fire and Rescue, Sensotronics, Local Learning Disability Group and Gestamp, in signing up for a free workshop to promote prevention of cancer and early diagnosis!

Andrea added: “In March we spent four days at Bishop Auckland college to support students to talk to them about not smoking, the dangers of drinking alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy and exercise, staying sage in the sun, where to get correct information from and the importance of early diagnosis.

“We spoke to 391 students through 19 tutorials, with many pledging to make healthier choices and three students planning to attend their local GP to get symptoms checked out.

“We encourage everyone to be cancer aware and spread the information they learn from us.”

Workshops can take place in person or over Microsoft Teams. Contact Andrea on to enquire or for more information.

The Cancer Awareness Team campaign online to reach a diverse audience and recently supported the ‘The Help us Help You’ campaign.

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