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Introducing the new Befriending Research Project team

Updated: May 7, 2021

The Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) would like to welcome two recruits behind the new County Durham focused Befriending Research Project.

Kelly Carswell and Victoria Dixon will be developing research, strategies and mechanisms to benefit future befriending and peer support opportunities available to communities. Together, they will determine early intervention, prevention and long term recovery models that can be used to support a range of mental health issues.

(Photo: Sandra Roberts, Kelly Carswell, Victoria Dixon, Barry Knevitt and Carol Gaskarth)

The research project will gather past, present and future information from professionals who have worked in the sector, to referrals and service users. The team will work with current Government guidance and utilise virtual communication methods.

The research is crucial to support health, wellbeing and voluntary sectors, as many befriending services have seen a shift in support demands due to Covid-19. The team will conduct a full analysis of pre-covid and post-covid research, that will shape future services with real life insight from professionals and service users.

The research is set to be collected across County Durham, with some influence from additional areas of the North East to deliver a bespoke collection of data and research for the region.

PCP are proud to deliver such a significant research project, which will positively impact future community support with in depth knowledge and awareness.

To keep up to date with the team follow PCP on social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Are you connected to befriending services in the North East?

Get in touch with the team to offer a voice and insight into future support opportunities. Contact (07857651075) or (07857651074).

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