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Healthwatch Sunderland member shares her stroke story

Healthwatch Sunderland have been sharing information of symptoms relating to strokes through their social media to raise awareness for #StrokeAwarenessMonth.

Delivered and managed through Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP), Healthwatch Sunderland works to understand the needs, experiences and concerns of people who use health and social care services and to speak out on their behalf, working to get services right for the future.

As part of Healthwatch Sunderland's ongoing dedication to working with the community and listening to their stories, Christine Colley, a Healthwatch Sunderland Volunteer Board member bravely shared hers. Christine suffered from a stroke during a brain operation, that was initially recommended to stop her epileptic fits in 1998. Through stories like Christines, Healthwatch Sunderland are able to better support communities.

Spread the word of all the fantastic work Healthwatch Sunderland do to support their local community through developed health and social care research and watch the full video from Christine.

To see more of the #StrokeAwarenessMonth campaign, head over to Healthwatch Sunderland's Facebook page.



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