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Good ‘thymes’ as over 35 missionaries volunteer in Aycliffe

Coming together from as far as Canada and the USA, the award-winning and RHS recognised Community Garden in Aycliffe has made friends from afar, as 36 missionaries pledge their support.

The Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP)’s Community Garden is becoming a ‘rooted’ success, as developments continue to advance support for local community groups.

Many of the missionaries are keeping in touch with PCP to check on the Community Garden’s progress and pledge their support.

David Cockburn, Lead Community Garden Volunteer at PCP, said: “This is the biggest gathering of missionaries we have seen at the Pioneering Care Centre and we can’t thank them enough for their hard work and support.

“Their work so far has seen the development of the new accessible woodland garden that supports the delivery of PCP projects Together 21, for children and young people with Down syndrome and Options, a day service for adults with learning and physical disabilities.

“The Community Garden is shaping into a true haven for all, with vegetables and fruits growing, plants used for sensory education and more.”

From supporting garden maintenance, potting plants and developing the Community Garden into a wheelchair friendly space – North East charity, PCP can’t thank visiting missionaries enough for their ongoing support.

As one of PCP’s projects, the Community Garden relies on fundraising to maintain its offer, making the missionaries support even more valuable.

Future developments will see the introduction of Garden Pods, allowing staff from the Pioneering Care Centre to work whilst surrounded by nature.

To promote wellbeing, the space also features a Community Outdoor Gym that can be used by local groups and the general public.

To find out more about the Community Garden or show your support, visit our webpage.

Visit the PCP’s social media channels. PCP’s Facebook page, Twitter @PioneeringCare and Instagram @PioneeringCare

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