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Frailty Link Worker - new case studies launched

Improving health and wellbeing for patients at Darlington Memorial Hospital, the Pioneering Care Partnership's (PCP) Frailty Link Worker, Debbie Fox, works as part of a wider team of hospital link workers to support patients.

Through her role, Debbie works with patients that are being discharged from hospital to support them in getting active, helping them through social isolation or loneliness, and can also signpost a patient into groups or services most suitable to them. She also works closely with a patients family and friends, who are often concerned of their loved one's wellbeing.

The role of a Frailty Link Worker is to engage with patients as they are discharged to ensure their health and wellbeing is prioritised when at home to prevent a return to hospital. Debbie has supported numerous patients, all with unique lifestyles and home situations.

Meet David, Doris*, Iris* and George* (* names changed) who have kindly shared their story on how Debbie has supported them as they were discharged from hospital.

For future case studies from our Frailty Link Worker, be sure to connect with PCP on Facebook and Twitter.

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