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Celebrating one year of COVID resilience

It has been one year since the County Durham COVID-19 Resilience Team launched and it continues to thrive and help people across the County.

The service is community-based and provides support to individuals and families, not in crisis, living or working in County Durham who have been emotionally impacted by COVID-19 and the pandemic.

Donna Sheavills, Project Lead of the County Durham COVID-19 Resilience Team, said: “The long-term impacts of COVID-19 and the pandemic have been shown through the referrals into the service.

“Our team have achieved so much in one year, with 100% of clients reporting they are satisfied with the service and our offer of support. Together we will continue to work in partnership to support communities move forward from COVID-19 and the pandemic.”

The service has helped people using many techniques and practices, including establishing and validating impact of COVID-19, setting goals of where they want to see themselves during and after the programme, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Behavioural Activation therapy (BAT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT).

Support is delivered through working on a 1:1 and group basis, with the team partaking in national health campaigns to help support in a holistic approach. May marked National Walking Month and our COVID Resilience Workers and clients went for walks boosting mental wellbeing.

So far, 83% of clients show improvement for overall life satisfaction and mental wellbeing within the first six sessions, it has been a hugely successful and rewarding year for the service! One client commented: “I’ve kept everything to myself over the last few years and it’s eaten away at me. Working with you has helped me realise I need to access help for my thoughts.”

Another client said: “I've had support from many other professional services over the years, but I've never felt that I could be as open and as honest as I can be with you.”

To find out more about the service, visit our webpage or contact

Check out our new FAQ video below, where our COVID Resilience Worker, Sharon Darter, answered our most popular questions about the service!

The County Durham COVID-19 Resilience Team is delivered by the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) as part of a specialist partnership between the community and voluntary sector, Tees Esk and Wear Valley (TEWV) and County Durham NHS clinical teams.

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