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Catch up with Better Health at Work Award County Durham

Did you know a business can be recognised and awarded for their dedication to workplace health and wellbeing? It's never been easier with the Better Health at Work Award (BHAWA)!

Dedicated to celebrating health and wellbeing focused employers in the North East, the BHAWA team are seeking new businesses and organisations to join their workplace champions.

If you are looking to work towards better health at work practices or want to discover if you are already leading the way with health and wellbeing employment, get in touch with their team.

It's completely FREE to work towards the Award's status, which will stand you out from the crowd as a leading North East employer. You will receive training opportunities as part of the award in understanding stress and basic mental health. The Award will also facilitate workplace opportunities to deliver training in areas including:

• Financial Wellbeing

• Smoking and Tobacco

• Disease Prevention

• Weight Management and Healthy Eating

• Sexual Health

• Physical Activity

• Cancer Awareness

• Mental Health

• Dementia Awareness

• Alcohol, Drug and Harm Prevention

Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) are proud to deliver the County Durham catchment service area for the BHAWA.



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