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#CarersWeek - PCP gives 16,838 hours of carer respite in the last year

Updated: Jun 24

Over 16,838 hours of respite were given to carers the from Pioneering Care Partnership's (PCP) projects and services across the region. 

PCP understands the demands caring for someone can have on people, including its employees, and that, at times, it may be difficult to combine their work and caring responsibilities. 

As part of PCP’s commitment to supporting working carers, PCP enhances the statutory carers leave offer. Employees can take up to a maximum of four days paid carers leave on top of the statutory five days, giving a total of nine days paid carers leave.

Sandra Roberts, Governance and Development Manager said: “The policy aims to set out the support PCP offer to employees who have a caring responsibility. 

“This is to help them balance their working and caring commitments and continue to be effective in their role. 

“Through offering carer friendly practices PCP aims to attract and retain employees with caring responsibilities, we have had a lot of positive feedback from staff who use carers leave.” 

One employee who has found the policy hugely beneficial is Amy Johnson, Workplace Health Development Worker, who uses the carers policy to balance care giving duties to her son. 

Amy, said: “I have found the carers policy a real benefit. My son has lots of hospital appointments and often having to spend a half day or full day there. 

“Before the policy I found myself taking annual leave for appointments, so I’ve found this really beneficial now that I don’t have to use those which should be for respite. 

“As an organisation PCP have always been really supportive of me as both a carer and a parent 

“For other working carers sometimes it’s hard to recognise that you are one, so making sure your organisation is aware of your care giving roles. 

Amy Johnson, Development Worker for the Pioneering Care Partnership's (PCP) Workplace Health team.

“I think it’s really important for organisations to have carers policies, so that staff can have that flexibility and the support from both your organisation and your team around you. 

“PCP are also a part of the Carer Friendly Durham County Carers scheme which really helped the organisation to build on our carers policy.” 

If you’d like to find out more about PCP, its projects or services or if you’d like to embark on a career with PCP, please visit or email 



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