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A year with PCP's Cancer Awareness Team

During the pandemic, many people had to give up doctors appointments or be added to waiting lists almost a year long. The PCP Cancer Awareness Team ensured nothing would stop them in raising awareness as the world slowed down to tackle COVID-19.

During lockdown, Andrea Mackrell, from the Cancer Awareness Team, hosted many online sessions explaining signs and symptoms for different types of cancers, prompting people to regularly check themselves and save lives.

As restrictions lifted, the team got back out into the public catching the eyes and ears of local communities. One local stated "Well, you've certainly got my attention" as Andrea, and work partner Elliott Snowball, took to the streets and into shops to raise awareness in the name of #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth, October 2021.

In Movember, the pair went on a County Durham pub crawl to catch local men and discuss all things man's health, including cancer & mental health awareness. Did you run into the team this year?

2022 holds big plans for Andrea & Elliott, kick starting with #DryJanuary, dishing out alcohol awareness scratch cards to better public knowledge on links to alcohol and cancer. Keep up to date with their journey though their Facebook page.

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