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A charity at the heart of communities – PCP reflects on a rewarding year

Hosting its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in-person for the first time in two years, the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) is delighted to shine a light on its achievements and outline future ambitions.

Carol Gaskarth, Chief Executive of PCP, said: “The AGM saw us reflect on the Pioneering Care Centre reopening in 2021. Much of PCP’s work is about engaging with people, so I am thrilled to see people come together once again to review a prosperous year for our dedicated staff and volunteers.

Carol Gaskarth, Chief Executive giving Kath Ferry, Executive PA a bouquet of flowers ahead of her retirement.

“We have 422 volunteers at PCP supporting projects and services across the North East. In 2021-22, our volunteers gave 5,536 hours of support, which is absolutely incredible! We can’t thank our team of volunteers enough for all that they do to make a difference.”

Achievements throughout last year saw PCP:

  • Launch a befriending group in County Durham

  • Contracted to support Primrose Lodge in Chester-le-Street

  • Awarded new Healthwatch contract for Stockton-on-Tees

  • Community Garden achieve Northumbria in Bloom Royal Horticultural Society award

  • Deliver leading COVID recovery project in Stockton-on-Tees

  • Community COVID team crowned champions at Catalyst Awards

  • Pioneering Care Centre Christmas Fair raise over £2,100

  • Healthwatch South Tees celebrate health and social care with STAR Awards

Cllr Ken Robson Mayor of Great Aycliffe and Mayoress Elaine Robson were in attendance. Cllr Ken Robson, said: “PCP is an award-winning charity and I’m sure you can all appreciate why, there is no definition of the work that goes on here, its varied and community widespread, and most of the people I am in contact with know about PCP and the work that they do.”

If you are interested in supporting PCP’s work and commitment to its mission of ‘Health, Wellbeing and Learning for All’ by becoming a voting member, get in touch with Carol Gaskarth on

Find out more about PCP at on our website, connect on social media on our Facebook page, or on Twitter and Instagram @PioneeringCare



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