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£400 donated to service for adults with learning and physical disabilities

The Pioneering Care Partnership’s (PCP) Options service would like to extend its appreciation to Shildon’s Busy Bees, who have kindly donated £400 to support its members.

Carol Gaskarth, PCP Chief Executive, said: “The Busy Bees have most definitely been active raising funds for many local charities; we're thrilled they're supporting PCP.

“Options were delighted with the £400 donation, the members will use the funds to do something fun and engaging. Thank you Busy Bees, for spreading joy across communities and for your continued support."

Options members take part in valuable life skills sessions five days a week, by a team of dedicated staff and volunteers. This donation will support sessions to be varied for members.

Linda West, Options Services Coordinator, shed light on what the funds will be used for and said: “We are hoping to put this fabulous donation towards a new smart TV where we can access our social media and use for research.

“It will allow us to keep sessions interesting and hands on for members to do their own research on topics we learn about.”

This is not the first time Busy Bees have been active in donating to Options. In 2020 they gifted the service £200, which was put towards a large fridge freezer, allowing for food storage for cooking sessions.

PCP aims to promote independence, choice and social inclusion through its Options service. To learn more please visit their page.



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