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In pie we ‘crust’ - PCP secures £50,000 to launch Men’s Pie Club in the Tees Valley

Mind, a mental health charity, report that men are three times more likely to take their own life than women – calling for action on ways we can support men in our community. 

Men’s Pie Club (MPC) developed by social enterprise Food Nation, respond to the pressing need for social connections among men, who are at an increased risk of becoming socially isolated. With a track record of five years and success in other areas, MPC have proven to combat loneliness and support men. 

Liz Fisher, Deputy Chief Executive of the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP), said: “PCP is becoming a Hub Partner to pioneer MPC in the Tees Valley, following £30,000 from Food Nation and a £20,000 contribution from National Lottery Funding, highlighting a rewarding partnership aimed at enhancing men’s mental health and wellbeing in the region. 

Photo: Rebecca Morgan PCP Project Development Manager, Liz Fisher PCP Deputy Chief Executive, Chris Smith Men's Pie Club Programme Manager and Liz Godfrey PCP Project Lead.

“At PCP, we're committed to improving lives and fostering resilient communities. The MPC not only address the critical issue of social isolation among men, but also provide a platform for making meaningful connections. As MPC say, it’s not just about the pies, it’s about the men making the pies being able to come along, get stuff of their chest and tuck into a tasty pie whilst they’re there. 

“Through this transformative initiative, PCP and MPC aspire to make a lasting impact on men’s mental health and wellbeing – one pie at a time.” 

PCP's designation as a Hub Partner marks the charity’s commitment to addressing mental health challenges in the community. Led by local individuals, MPC operate as community groups for men aged 18 and over, tailored to meet the unique needs of each locality. PCP will oversee the delivery of MPC in the Tees Valley, employing a coordinator to facilitate activities, while empowering members to take ownership of the clubs. 

Jamie Sadler, Managing Director of Food Nation, said: “We’re excited to begin working in partnership with PCP, to support more men and make a difference to communities. We have 13 MPC in North and South Tyneside, and one in North Yorkshire – so it’s a rewarding time to be expanding our offer across the region. 

“Bringing men together for a pie and a chat is the perfect way for local guys in our communities to get out of the house and take the first step to having conversations about mental health. I encourage any men who may be interested to come along to a group once they launch.” 

So far PCP has launched one closed MPC group, with more MPCs to launch for all in the Tees Valley this year.

For more information on Men’s Pie Club in your local area, visit 

Discover more about PCP and how its projects and services can support you at 

About Food Nation: Food Nation is committed to revolutionising community health through initiatives like Men’s Pie Club, aiming to improve mental health and wellbeing through social connectivity and culinary engagement. 



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