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Are you ready to rock your socks?

Together 21 Rock Your Socks 2024  #T21RYS2024 is a campaign by Together 21 and the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP), that aims to raise awareness of Down syndrome in a light-hearted way, highlight our work and help raise vital funds needed to support our children.

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Here at Together 21, we know that early intervention is essential to target the specific learning profiles of children with Down syndrome. We work to empower parents and to support a child’s development by providing access to training, the sharing of information and practical advice.


All children have the right to develop to their full potential. Our service includes regular classes and other educational activities specifically designed for children with Down syndrome. These classes are planned and guided by renowned specialists and delivered to both the child and parent, allowing learning to be extended into family home life.


On Thursday 21st March 2024 the world will be coming together to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day! Jump in with both feet and join millions of people who will be standing tall and showing support by wearing outrageous, colourful and non-matching socks, spreading awareness and fun throughout the land. This is to show that people with Down syndrome are different, but the same! None of us like feeling left out, and people with Down syndrome are no exception, they want to be included too! So reach out and get to know the person, not the condition.

If you would like to come together and help us make a difference,

please join the campaign and speak up to help:  End the Stereotypes

Please register your support by contacting our team on:

Thank you, your support truly makes a difference.

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