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The Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP)'s Research Team is currently developing insight on a variety of areas to benefit future service models and data available in the region. Research areas include:

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You can contact the team on:

Victoria Dixon, Research Officer

Email: victoria.dixon@pcp.uk.net

Mobile: 07857651074

Paula Meale, Research Officer

Email: paula.meale@pcp.uk.net

Mobile: 07593448830

Jenny Lawshaw, Research Officer

Email: jenny.lawshaw@pcp.uk.net

Natalie Braben, Administrator 

Email: natalie.braben@pcp.uk.net

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Befriending Research Project

An insight into County Durham befriending services, the overall impact and service model suggestions concluded from both professional and public sources.

County Durham and COVID-19 Pandemic

What has been the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on our health and wellbeing across the County, two years on? Where might we need extra support to help individuals or communities to continue to ‘get back on track’?  What can we learn from the pandemic and the ways in which our people came together to provide help, support, and encouragement?


PCP’s Covid Resilience Research combines extensive interviews with professionals, community leaders and those with ‘lived experience’ with large scale general population research to analyse what pandemic recovery support has already been working, and where next level resources might most be needed. 

Learning Disability and Autism

Researching and mapping the current provision of Learning Disability and Autism provision available throughout County Durham for all age groups, with a particular focus on those individuals transitioning from children to adult services. Research to focus on what individuals, care providers and families would like to see offered in County Durham and any specific provision that is currently not being provided.

The North Durham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has commissioned the Pioneering Care P