Tees Valley

Services in Tees Valley.

We have a fantastic range of support services in and around Tees Valley. For more information please visit the organisations below.


An independent consumer champion, gathering and representing the views of people in different communities of the Tees Valley area. Healthwatch plays a role at both national and local level, making sure that the views of the public and people who use health and social care services are taken into account. We listen to the experiences of local people and see what is working well and where things could improve.

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The National Health Service (NHS) works hard to treat everyone properly and promptly and the majority of people who use the health service are happy with their treatment.  However, sometimes things can go wrong or you may be unhappy about certain parts of your treatment. 


If you live in Stockton-on-Tees and have a complaint about NHS services, our free advocacy service can guide you through making a complaint by providing you with practical support, advice and information.  

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The Covid-19 Community Champion network in Stockton-on-Tees has been established to empower and support residents stay up to date with the latest advice about Covid-19 and to find solutions to out any barriers that face our communities in relation to Government guidance and restrictions.

Covid-19 Champions meet regularly with PCP and Public Health to feedback and share intelligence on what is and isn’t working well in Stockton-on-Tees. This can be in relation to vaccines, testing of community support.

The Covid-19 Community Champion network wants to support you to receive the right messages at the right time. By sharing the latest information and guidance with people you know, you could help to keep people safe and reduce the spread of Covid –19.

To find out more information please follow the link to our social media page and send us a message but emailing sccc@pcp.uk.net.

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Step Forward Tees Valley supports local people to overcome the complex reasons preventing them from finding work. These barriers could include physical or mental ill health, a lack of self-confidence, a gap in skills, a conviction, or an addiction. The project helps people to build on their strengths and aspirations, using the skills and expertise of partners and local employers to achieve their goals. The project is committed to making a real and lasting change in Tees Valley. 

Step Forward Tees Valley supports people across Tees Valley to take advantage of existing voluntary or employment possibilities, as well as working with local employers to create new opportunities.  Step Forward Tees Valley is funded by The European Social Fund and The National Lottery, through The Big Lottery Fund. As part of their investment in local projects that tackle the root causes of poverty and promote social inclusion.

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The service is available to any resident of Stockton-on-Tees over the age of 16 and offers you up to four appointments, which provide one to one support to enable you to access a range of activities and support that can help improve your health and wellbeing and develop emotional resilience.