Our Fundraising Campaign

Our Fundraising Campaign

Raising funds for our incredible services.

'Dive In!' to our fundraising events this year - we need your help to raise £410,000!!


The Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) needs your help to reach our fundraising target to completely redevelop our 20 year old Hydrotherapy Pool – without this total refurbishment our massively popular pool will have to close.

The pool is an essential part of the rehabilitation and recovery process for many people in the local community. We are available to everyone without need for a GP referral. only one of two self referral hydrotherapy pools in the North East. With your support, we can keep providing this vitally important therapeutic service.

The pool is breaking down on a regular basis meaning we are having to disappoint our users who are in desperate need of the therapy the pool provides. Over 7000 people use our pool every single year to relive pain, relax muscles, gain confidence and enjoy much needed relaxation from illness, injury and stress related conditions.


Please help us to help people to rehabilitate and improve our client's health and wellbeing.

Your donation will help us to:


  • Double the size of the original pool so that we can accommodate more people.

  • Provide improved lifting and hoist equipment to ensure getting in and out of the pool is much easier.

  • Large better equipped changing rooms.

  • State of the art sensory lighting & sound to aid relaxation

Would you donate?



  • Set up a standing order with your bank using the following details:

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"So many of you amazing individuals have helped so much since we launched our campaign in Summer 2018. We are thrilled to announce we have reached our half way mark and we're more eager than ever to continue! We have a ton of fundraising events on the go and even more coming up; please keep up to date with our social media accounts for more information about how our fundraising efforts are going!"

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Who Do We Help?


Tamara Taylor, of England and DMP Sharks Rugby, is a former Captain of the Six Nations Rugby Squad and one of the only 5 English female rugby players to reach 100 caps. 

Tamara has had knee reconstruction surgery and ankle surgery. Two major operations in 13 years of elite sport isn’t bad odds, but the rehabilitation of both injuries was a lengthy process. “My ankle operation had me in a plaster cast and then a moon boot and I was on crutches for 7 weeks. I have never been out of action for that amount of time, not even with my knee, so it’s been very challenging mentally and physically.

She continued, “Using Hydrotherapy to strengthen my ankle has been so vital in achieving a good rehabilitation. Due to the buoyancy of the water I was able to walk and run in the pool long before I was able to on land because it reduces the amount of stress on the joint and forces the muscles to work hard against the resistance of the water” It really got me thinking how much more we would do in our lives, and how much better we can be when we are able to use non-clinical therapies to support rehabilitation. It certainly has had me thinking about the amount of things we take for granted in life”. 

Tamara is Coach Development Officer for the RFU, and Chair of Darlington Mowden Park Sharks. She represented the England players as an RPA player representative from 2017-18, helping support the negotiations of full time professional contracts for women players.

Not only does our pool support sporting legends; we cater for anyone and everyone as you don't need a GP referral to take a dip in the heated pool. However, the healing benefits our pool has provides an immense amount of support for those less able, or recovering from life-threatening injuries or accidents.