Case Studies

Get to know hear from PCP clients

Together 21

Janet Thompson & Grandson Ellis

“We first heard about Together 21 when my daughter was in hospital after giving birth to Ellis. A trainee GP came to meet with us and had heard from the group from other patients, so it was really a stroke of luck finding out about the group. It should be advertised massively!

We saw the benefits straight away, we learn just as much as Ellis across every area. He improves all the time and has learned to become a lot more social with other children and adults thanks to the network of parents and staff.

I think the best thing about T21 is how it covers all areas of education and development. It has given Ellis a huge head start in life; he is social, knows no boundaries and has so much fun at every session. I enjoy how we all learn Makaton together”

Annabelle's Story

“Annabelle was born 6 weeks early by emergency Caesarean section and was taken into special care, where nurses explained she had traits of Down syndrome - I didn’t care I already loved her. While in a special care a nurse put me in touch with Together 21 and I went when Annabelle was 8 weeks old. It was scary not knowing anyone and seeing these families so confident, so I left; looking back now I wish I had stayed! At the time my head was filled with the unknown instead of enjoying Annabelle. My days were so dark, I returned to Together 21 when Annabelle was 14 months old. With a little gentle persuasion from the staff and parents we both grew more confidence.


Together 21 helped me learn Makaton, so I can interact with my daughter. Now we learn together from both parents and staff. It’s shown me what Annabelle is able to achieve both now and in the future, as well as giving us lifelong friends, knowledge and an insight into what Annabelle’s future goals will be. I see Annabelle’s beauty inside and out, she can become whatever she chooses by gaining knowledge at Together 21.”


Margaret Hewitson

“I have Arthritis, I had one knee replaced 2 years ago and now my other knee is in desperate need of  a replacement. I live with the most excruciating pain and disability. I rarely walk as it is so painful. I cannot bend my knee, making me very unsteady on me feet, I need a stick to walk, I can hobble about 10 metres that is all. As its so painful I rarely walk With the terrible pain that Arthritis causes it’s very easy to get very anxious, upset and depressed


Using the Hydrotherapy pool at PCP has been an absolute lifeline for me.  From the minute I walk into the centre, I feel so much better, the staff are wonderful and I've made so many friends - it lifts my spirits, I do the Water workout session has given me greater confidence, I cannot bend my knee out of the water the warmth of the water completely releases my joints. Oh my goodness the difference going the Hydrotherapy pool my knee moves freely, I can exercise without pain or discomfort. This type of rehabilitation is helping regain my mobility.”

Lorraine Anderson & Mandy

Lorraine Anderson, from County Durham is a regular user of the Hydrotherapy pool with user Mandy.  Lorraine says the benefits to their patients are confidence, ability to tread/walk in the water gives a feeling of freedom and independence, whilst being an extremely relaxing environment to be in.

Improvements to the pool would be a hoist which can lift a user from a wheel chair in the changing room, directly into the pool. Rather than the hoist just being at the pool side.


Gillian Clark

Gillian (Gill) Clark joined Options in 2000 and now comes to the group 5 days a week where she gains an immense amount of support since her father passed away in August 2017. 

"I've gained a lot more confidence and made lots of friends. Phil is my best friend here, he is the chairman of Options and I'm vice chair, so I have a lot of responsibilities such as answering the Options phone."

Options have 'Voice Meetings' throughout the year where all members have the chance to put forward anything they would like to say about the group in a formal meeting set up in the PCP room hire facilities; ensuring the adults feel listened too and comfortable enough to put ideas forward.

"As vice chair, I help to organise the meetings along with Phil and Linda (Options Leader)." From the voice meetings, Gill has been given the title of Health and Safety Champion of Options, constantly putting forward fantastic ideas to make sure everyone stays safe at all times.

"My favourite thing about Options is having responsibilities. I really like going for weekends away with Options too - my favourite trip was London, we went to Harry Potter World! I wouldn't change a thing about Options, I wouldn't be who I am today without my amazing friends."


Brenda Roy - Options Volunteer

"After retiring from nursing I wanted to volunteer to carry on helping people. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know the Options members and taking part in the activities. The group really helps me too, as well as all the members who use the service!


It gives me something to look forward to and helps me to be organised at least one day a week! I love supporting the members in everything they do here; the whole group are always so cheerful and they enjoy helping each other. My family see how much I enjoy coming here and encourage me to do more volunteering."

Community Computer suite

Jillian Alexander

Jillian has been attending the computer drop in support sessions in the PCP’s Community Computer Suite since January 2019, after spotting a poster. Attending has greatly improved her confidence.


“I thought it would be very worthwhile for me to come as I had just bought a new laptop and was struggling. It’s great that I can learn about what I want rather than a specific topic each week. I’m so much more confident at home. I’ve attempted to set up my own printer, when I used to be too scared to turn the plug on! I feel so comfortable speaking to Margaret about how complicated I find everything as I know she’ll support me. The best thing is when I do it wrong I’m not embarrassed by it - we just laugh!”

Classes & Courses - Dancercise

Claire Masson

“I first heard about the class from a friend at Slimming World. She said I had to come because it was brilliant. I’ve been here three years now.

I know I have become a fitter and healthier person with this group alongside Slimming World. I feel so much more confident within myself.

I think the best things about Zumba is meeting new people, and we all stay in touch too, so I have made friends for life throughout the time I have been coming to Kim’s Zumba classes. I also love feeling so energised; I feel good about myself because I’m doing something that’s beneficial for me but also something I enjoy.

I’d also like to say that Kim is a great teacher. It’s always so fun coming to this group”

PCP Community Garden

Brenda X

Brenda started her journey with PCP in February 2018. Living alone and feeling quite low, Brenda and her daughter started to look for activities that Brenda could take part in and they found PCP Community Garden and Allotments online. 


Initially Brenda was nervous about joining the group, however she was made to feel welcome. Brenda now comes to the garden twice a week and really enjoys attending. 


“I’ve learnt a lot and now feel confident enough to support anyone new who comes to the group. It’s been my lifeline and has given me a lot of confidence beyond the garden.”