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We have all just lived through something extraordinary.  Whether the COVID pandemic affected us greatly, or whether we were affected only minorly or briefly (or even if the pandemic was a positive time in your life), we all have a story to share.

On behalf of Durham County Care Partnership, The Big County Durham Pandemic Survey seeks to record and acknowledge your experiences of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  The results of the survey will help us to identify where additional support and services are needed.  It will help us to find examples of good practice, and to identify projects or services that tried new ways of working during the pandemic, which other people might now learn from. 

It will also help to record the stories of the people of County Durham who lived at the time of the pandemic.  Who knows what future generations might find interesting in our experiences?!

You can take part as much or as little as you like:




Anyone aged 16 or over can take part. If you’d like to take part and you are under 16, drop us an email at

Our research is based in County Durham, UK.  We hope that lots of people who live, work, or use services our county will respond.  If you live outside of this area, we also welcome you to take part.  Your answers will still contribute valuably to our knowledge.  We ask for data on where respondents live so that we can analyse the data appropriately.


The questionnaire is a mix of multiple-choice questions and places for you to write your own words. It takes most people about seven minutes to complete if they are filling it out themselves.  At the end of the survey you can leave your contact details if you are interested in taking part in more detailed research (e.g., an interview). 


You can take part in the survey without giving us any contact details if you want to. 

This is an online survey.  If you would rather fill out a paper copy or talk to a researcher on the phone, please email us at  We can arrange a convenient time to call or send you a paper copy and stamped addressed envelope to return to us.

The questions are about your experiences during and after the pandemic.  Some questions might be sensitive, especially if you had a very difficult time during the pandemic.  You can leave any questions blank that you don’t want to answer, and you can always stop participating at any time you want. 

At the end of the survey, we ask to collect some personal details such as your age, gender, ethnicity and whether you have a disability. We ask these questions so we can understand our data better, and to make sure we have spoken to a range of people in our research.  This information will never be used to identify you. You do not have to give any details that you don’t want to.

If you want to stop taking part all together, you can just close the window of your browser, and your answers up until that point will be discarded.


Your participation in this research will be confidential and anonymous. 

Confidential means that we will not share your identifiable answers with anyone outside of our research team.  If you were invited to do this survey via your employer, or through another third party – e.g., a school, Jobcentre or community group – then these people will not be to access the answers you gave.

Anonymous means that when we make reports from our research, we will make sure that individual people cannot be identified.  We will not use your real name, date of birth, or anything specific about you (e.g., the name of your village or your employer) that could allow readers to guess who you are.

This research is fully compliant with GDPR (data protection) laws. This means we follow strict protocols to keep any data that identifies you secure. 


Personal data such as your email or telephone number will be destroyed at the end of the research project and will never be passed on to third parties without your permission.  We never collect IP addresses for people who respond online.

We will use these results to report back to our communities and service providers, the public, and other researchers.  By taking part you agree that your anonymised responses can be used for any purpose that might offer benefit to or greater understanding of individuals’ and communities’ wellbeing either now or at a later date.  Remember, your answers will not be traceable back to you in this anonymised research. 


As a thank you for completing the questionnaire, you can be entered into a prize draw for one of three giveaway Amazon vouchers, each worth £50.


Winning entries will be selected at random at the close of the survey (Nov 2022) and details will be published on our website. 



Our community research team is a small and vibrant unit within the broader Pioneering Care Partnership organisation.  It seeks to better understand the needs and experiences of people living in County Durham in order to inform local policy, service provision and our own charitable work in the fields of health, wellbeing and learning. 


Our staff come from a range of backgrounds including social and clinical research, mental health and community organisation.  PCP research team and the research we conduct is independent from any other organisation or service provider, including services provided elsewhere in the PCP organisation.   


The Big County Durham Survey is funded by the Mental Health and Learning Disability Board. 

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